What is the best stainless steel water bottle? – Meet S’well!

September 11, 2018 Connor Morgan 18 Comments

Why Plastic ISN’T Fantastic 

Every year, every day, every MINUTE, massive amounts of single-use plastics barrage Earth’s oceans, lakes, rivers, landfills, and thousands of miles of shoreline. These various plastic products wreak havoc on many of the plants and animals in these ecosystems, not to mention often end up piled high a midst the tons of trash washing ashore and ruining many of the planet’s beautiful beaches.

One of the major players in this destructive mix of plastics is the single use plastic bottle. It is estimated that humans purchase 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute. Of these million bottles purchased each minute, less than a quarter are recycled. For the sake of our planet’s ecosystem, our own health, and the well being of future generations it’s time to make some big changes to address this issue.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to cut down on the use of plastic bottles is switch to regularly using a reusable bottle. Currently there are many high-quality, affordable options for making this simple change. The composition of most reusable bottles is usually either BPA-free plastic, glass, or stainless steel. If you are looking for a product that is BPA -free, durable, affordable, and insulated I recommend trying stainless steel. So then the question of course becomes, “What is the BEST stainless steel water bottle?” Well my friends, let me introduce you to S’well…

Meet S’well

The S’well company was founded in 2010 by Sarah Kauss and has since become the fastest growing woman-owned company in America. With their mission to create beautiful, eco-friendly products to reduce single-use plastic consumption worldwide, S’well has become a trusted leader in the industry. In addition to the company’s success since it’s inception, S’well has also partnered with UNICEF USA by committing $800,000 to help provide clean and safe water to vulnerable communities across the globe. Their particular focus has been on improving the infrastructure and education around sustainable drinking water in Madagascar where nearly half of the population lacks this precious resource.

What Make S’well Oh So Swell?

S’well offers a wide range of bottle styles along with some really useful accessories. Check out just a few of my favorite features that make S’Well bottles Oh So Swell:

  • High-Quality – Bottles are made of high grade 18/8 stainless steel which means they are very durable and resistant to dents or cracks. S’well bottles also feature patented triple walled “ThermaS’Well” technology. This includes an internal copper layer and leaves bottles totally condensation-free. This style of insulation keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and drinks hot for 12 hours.
  • Eco-Friendly – All S’well bottles are made BPA-free using high quality, responsibly sourced materials. As noted above, they  support environmental sustainability through their charity work and their products inherently combat the consumption of single-use plastics.
  • Amazing Design – S’well offers a wide variety of styles in terms of size, shape, and pattern. The mouth size fits most ice cubes while the bottles themselves fit nicely into most cup holders. The original bottles come in 9oz, 17oz, and 25oz sizes. S’well has also created “Travelers” which range from 12oz-20oz, “Roamers” which range from 40oz-60oz, and “Tumblers” which range from 10oz- 18oz. All of S’Well’s products are offered in a truly beautiful and fashionable colors and designs. Many of their bottles can even be personalized with your name or with the use of Chalk Ink Pens which are available on S’Wells website and wipe clean with water.
  • Great Value – Most S’well bottles are very affordable, especially considering the high quality of the product. Traditional bottles, travelers, and tumblers typically range for $20-$45 depending on size and style. The much larger “Roamer” style bottles ring in at $55-$75. This is truly an incredible value for such a high quality, stylish product whose value will only be increased by the amount you will save by not purchasing single-use plastic bottles.

If you’re interested, you can get your own S’well bottle now.

Bottles, Bottles, Everywhere

As global awareness of environmental pollution continues to grow, the various statistics and effects of plastics is being more deeply studied. One has only to view Earth Day Network’s “Single Use Platics Fact Sheet” to learn just a few of the ways this material is harming the planet. Earth Day Network writes “In 2016, world plastics production totaled around 335 million metric tons. Roughly half of annual plastic production is destined for a single-use product.” There are a wide variety of types of single use plastics (including drinking straws, product packaging, and bags) but one of the most commonly used is the plastic bottle. Not convinced? Take a quick peek at some facts specific to plastic bottles compiled by the Ban The Bottle Campaign:

Bottled Water Facts

Don’t Refuse What You Can Reuse

According to https://www.aiga.org/case-study-watershed Americans purchase about 50 billion water bottles per year, averaging about 13 bottles per month for every person in the U.S.! That means by using a reusable water bottle, you could save an average of 156 plastic bottles annually. Along with the impact that plastic bottles have on the environment, they also cost consumers thousands of dollars a year. Making the switch from plastic to reusable bottles isn’t just good for the environment, it’s GREAT for your wallet!

Plastic Bottles

Take a moment to think about every plastic water bottle you’ve ever used. Many of those bottles may still be circulating around the globe and the ones that were recycled or put in landfills also come with a myriad of environmental consequences. Now imagine approximately how much money you spent on all of those water bottles over the course of your lifetime and ask yourself how much you would have saved had you been using a single, reusable bottle?

Now consider the QUALITY of the single use water bottles you’ve consumed. Did keep your water cold for a long time? What about hot beverages? How confident are you about the water quality itself? Did you know that both Pepsi’s Aquafina and Coke’s Dasani brands are just bottled, purified municipal water? In point of fact the U.S.’s public water is regulated by the EPA which requires multiple quality screening tests daily and makes this information freely available to the public. Bottled water, which is actually regulated by the FDA, only requires weekly testing and doesn’t freely share the results with the public.

If S’Well’s Not For You, Here’s A Few Great Alternatives

Of course, the S’well bottle may not be for everyone. Whether they are a bit out of your price range or just don’t appeal to you aesthetically, you may wish to find try a different reusable bottle. You’re in luck because there is an great resource at the Good Housekeeping website listing some other high quality reusable, BPA-Free bottles that may interest you in your decision to abandon single use plastic bottles. Check out their list here.

Take It Personally

For me personally, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my 25 oz S’well bottle for over a year. I have found that the claims of insulation performance are entirely accurate with many hot/cold beverages remaining so for 12-24 hours. I have come to really appreciate the design of the bottle as it fits well in my hand and has a perfect mouth size for both drinking and adding ice cubes. I have a fairly active lifestyle which includes trekking, biking, and traveling so my S’well bottle has truly been put to the test in terms of durability. It has survived many falls onto pavement and other surfaces without any dents. The exterior has a really nice lightly gritted texture that I have found makes it easy to hold with sweaty hands while hiking or running. Honestly the longer I have had it the more I have grown to love my S’well bottle. My only regret is not getting one sooner!

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to learn about switching to reusable water bottles and particularly encourage you to give S’Well a try. If you have any questions or would like further information don’t hesitate to contact me!

My S'Well Bottle

Many Thanks,

Connor Morgan

Founder – Green Roots Lifestyle

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  1. I’ve heard good things about these water bottles. I’m going to have to pick one up the next time I need a stainless steel water bottle. I should get one soon, since my current bottle isn’t insulated at all.

    1. Hi Anthony, thanks for your feedback. As you can see, I definitely love mine and I would encourage you ti visit the S’Well website because there are many different options in terms of shape/size/design/pattern etc. Good luck finding the right stainless steel bottle!

      Cheers 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness this is great info. Just a couple days ago my son asked me to find him a stainless bottle as he didn’t like using plastic.  He also needed something durable to use at work as he works outdoors and often has a tenancy to drop his bottle on rocks. We so need to keep plastics out of landfills and recycle but more importantly don’t refuse what you can reuse … really like that saying. Great info. 

    1. Hi Monika,
      That’s great to hear, sounds like you found this article at the perfect time! I can definitely testify that S’Well bottles are durable, I have dropped mine on pavement numerous times (once while riding a bike!) and it’s never dented. You’re spot on that something simple like reusing a water bottle is a simple way to cut down on plastic ending up in landfills. Don’t refuse what you can reuse! Let us know if you end up getting a S’Well bottle (or any other stainless steel bottle) for your son.

      Take care!


  3. Our consumption and misuse of plastics as gotten out of hand. It is refreshing to see new articles being written on the importance of preserving our oceans and land. As an avid hiker I currently use a double thermal stainless steel bottle myself. However after reading your article and looking at the s’well products I know my next purchase is going to be a s’well traveler,I love the designs they are a work of art on to themselves. Thank you for your awareness of our planet.We only get one.

    1. Hi Cathy,
      We do quite a bit of hiking as well and these bottles perform great on the trails. They are durable and nicely insulated, nothing like some ice cold water at the top of a mountain! I agree that the designs are truly beautiful, you can tell that the company really put a lot of thought and care into the product. Hope you enjoy your S’Well traveler when you get your next bottle! Keep us updated if you switch to S’Well, or have any other great stainless steel bottles to recommend!

      Cheers 🙂


  4. Hi,  Connor.  I like your writing style,  especially your words choice.  Why plastic is not fantastic is nice to be said.  I agree with you that the S’well bottle is beautiful.  And I love the green philosophy behind the bottle creation. Personally I always try to minimize the garbage.  For example I reject the plastic bag from a seller if I can bring my stuffs in my bag. I try to apply the principle “Reduce,  Reuse,  Recycle” and “Think globally,  act locally”. You have created an interesting product review and the picture is beautiful too.  

    1. Greetings Melani,
      I’m delighted that you enjoyed the article, I really appreciate your feedback. Kudos for making some simple changes in your shopping habits, all of the plastic bags really add up!

      Best wishes!


  5. I use a stainless steel bottle myself but it does not insulate nearly as well as these bottles. I am truly horrified by the amount of plastic that ends up in the oceans and landfills. I studied Ocean and Coastal Studies as a graduate student and pollution is truly disgusting. It is also terrifying to learn what plastics and other chemicals do to us and the environment. I used to use plastic bottles (my own, I did not like to get single use bottles), but now that I know how dangerous the plastics are, I stick to stainless steel. 

    I went to the website and these bottles are gorgeous!

    1. Hi Jessica,
      Thanks for your perspective as a student of Ocean and Coastal Studies. It sounds like you have really seen first hand the impact of our waste and plastics entering the planets waterways and oceans. I agree that it is truly terrifying and small steps can become big actions as the global norms shift toward greener living. I hope you are able to try a S’Well bottle because they insulate just as beautifully as they look!

      Take care,


  6. Hi

    These look fantastic!

    I often use a thermos flask for my drinks and I was wondering what the advantage of these bottles are over a thermos flask?

    Some advantages that occurred to me are the ability to drink straight from the bottle, and that they look easier to hold comfortably, and 12 hours is longer than my drinks stay hot in a thermos flask, but I wondered if there are any other advantages that I haven’t thought of?

    However, I am also concerned about how easy to clean these bottles are.  Have you tried tea in them, or is it best to steer clear of tea which stains and use them for other drinks?

    Thanks for a great article,


    1. Hi Julia,
      Thanks for your great feedback and questions! In addition to the advantages you point out (comfort and insulation time) I find two other big advantages to be the design keeps the bottle from having condensation on the outside, which makes it easier to carry or store. The actual designs and patterns available are also really unique, stylish, and beautiful. In terms of cleaning, I primarily use mine for water and hand wash it. I often don’t even need a brush but give it a good shake with soapy water and a thorough rinse. No yucky aftertaste and no lingering skunk old water smell. For other beverages it cleans well with a bottle brush. I find that giving it a few minutes to soak in hot soapy water and a good scrub with a bottle brush has totally worked for cleaning any non-water liquids from the bottle.

      Thanks again, best wishes!


  7. Great post and those bottles lookes very good for many things.

    For me the main thing is that it replaces plastic bottles, which is good for the planet, as you see how much plastic there is in the world, it is good the alternatives are going upwards.

    Now, I was looking for a bottle like this, because me and my wife wanted to have something like this, that saves the planet but also isn’t bad for our health.

    I’m happy I came across your post, we will buy it.

    Thanks for sharing it!

    1. Hi Emmanuel,
      Thanks for the positive feedback! Glad to hear you and your wife will soon be enjoying the many benefits of S’Well. Let us know how making the switch goes for you.

      Cheers 🙂


  8. Plastic waste is being dumped in the ocean killing beautiful see creatures. I am an eco  -warrior and I think that Swell Bottle could replace the plastic bottle. I love the design it has  a sleek classy appearance which I give top marks. I can see myself buying one of these as S bottles . I love travelling and long walks. 

    The company claims that it keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and  hot  for 12 hours, that’s pretty impressive. My question is are there generic bottles that are just just as good as the Swell Bottle and do they keep liquids hot and cold.

    1. Hi Richard,
      Happy to hear you are on board with making the switch to stainless steel. These bottles are truly great for traveling and long walks as the design keep them from getting condensation on the outside. There are many generic stainless steel bottles on the market that definitely can also replace plastic. The main difference is in the thickness of the steel and the vacuum design. Both of these factors contribute to S’well’s excellent insulating properties. I personally have used many other stainless steel bottles and found that they got VERY hot with hot liquids to the point of burning your hands, or they didn’t seem to keep beverages at temperature for a very long time. I have a large 64 oz Yeti bottle that I use for camping trips and it works really well due to its thickness and insulation properties. The other major thing that sets S’well apart, as you point out, is the design and appearance. They are really beautiful bottles that are durable and simply live up to the company’s claims.

      Best of luck in your pursuit of a good stainless steel bottle, let us know which one you decide to go with and how you are liking it!

      Cheers 🙂


  9. This is fantastic!! I find it can be difficult to find a decent eco friendly, healthy and durable water bottle. S’well is definitely a company that is trying to do good things for this world, including partnering with UNICEF, what a great charity to be a part of. Imagine the decrease in plastic if people were to pay attention and actually act on purchasing these!! You can not go wrong with a water bottle that keeps liquid cold or hot for long periods, briliant!!!

    1. Hi Juvette,

      You are so right that it can be difficult to find a quality, eco friendly water bottle. I have personally purchased numerous stainless steel bottles that turned out be be pretty poor quality (leaky, non insulating) so it’s awesome to know there are some reliable products out there with companies working to better the world. Thanks for your comment!

      Best wishes,


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