Our Story


Welcome to Green Roots Lifestyle! We (and the planet) are delighted you found us. Driven by a deep passion for promoting an eco-friendly way of life, we are happy to share our favorite life hacks, DIY recipes, eco tips, and high-quality products with you. After years of frustration and discouragement about the many ways humans are endangering our planet, we have committed to taking action to change the destructive course the planet has been on.

We hope you will join us in our mission to heal the planet (and ourselves) through a wide variety of eco-friendly solutions – many of which are reusable, plastic-free, toxin-free, and responsibly sourced! We sincerely thank you for taking the time to learn about all we have to offer and we look forward to supporting your eco-friendly lifestyle.


The seed that has grown into Green Roots Lifestyle was planted in 2017 when we (founders Leah Rackliff and Connor Morgan) decided to commit to a waste-free, toxin-free, eco-friendly lifestyle. Born in the beautiful New England countryside of Vermont, we grew up with a love of nature, animals, and green forests. For many, the Vermont way of life naturally promotes eco-friendly living. The state hosts an abundance of local food co-ops, farmers markets, strict environmental regulations, alternative energy programs, and a state-wide effort to protect, preserve, and educate the community about its forests and parks.

As these values were inherently instilled at a very young age, both of us grew to witness the impact of human consumption, greed, and environmental destruction across the globe. We had, therefore, been in the habit of living a moderately eco-friendly lifestyle without really intending to. We did simple things that were mostly adopted from our own families -things like composting, recycling, shopping local, and using a reusable water bottle. We began our own personal health wellness journey with daily yoga and meditation practice along with growing some of our own vegetables. Nothing radical, just simple choices that made sense to us.

Fast forward to 2017. We were in the midst of a multi-year journey traveling as teachers throughout Asia. During this time we saw first-hand the environmental impact of mass consumerism and single-use plastics coupled with a lack of education and awareness about the effects of these products on the planet. We discovered the vast array of toxic and harmful home products that were being widely used in the city we lived in. We also observed a disconnect between many of the traditions and ancient teachings of Eastern cultures and the reality of most peoples’ daily lives. We soon realized that this disconnect was also occurring, perhaps growing, in our own home country.

It was on a smog-filled summer evening, after commuting home from work in a Chinese city of around 8 million people when a switch was flicked. Not only aware of the destruction occurring on the planet but also the experience of the many personal benefits from our own switch to toxin-free, waste-free living, we decided to take action by sharing, educating, and promoting the products and practices we have come to cherish for our own wellness and that of our beautiful shared blue planet.

Green Roots Lifestyle is a manifestation of our experiences and an outlet for anyone to take action that will lead to a healthier planet and a healthier global community.


After experiencing innumerable personal health and wellness benefits by committing to an eco-friendly, toxin-free, zero-waste lifestyle, we wish to share our experience with the global community. We aspire to help individuals lead a healthier, happier lifestyle while healing the environmental damage that has occurred to the planet. It is our dream to help others transition to a lifestyle that is better for themselves, for others, and for the planet.


Green Roots Lifestyle is a resource for empowerment through shared knowledge and experience. By connecting with the global community and providing sincere testimony of our experiences we intend to provide some alternative solutions to the way many of us live. We are committed to sharing high-quality, eco-friendly tips and products that will truly improve your lifestyle while healing the planet. Change is not usually based on one grand moment of action, but the countless tiny step we make daily. We hope to help you walk a new path and provide you with the resources you need to lead a Green Roots Lifestyle.

If you ever need a hand, have any questions, or suggestions feel free to drop a comment or contact us through the contact page. We are more than happy to help you out!

All the best,

Leah & Connor